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Welcome to the schedule for Katsucon 19 in 2013!

Katsucon is an annual 3-day fan convention held in the D.C. metro area for multicultural enthusiasts and entertainment. Katsucon is produced by Katsucon Entertainment, Inc. (KEI), a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization dedicated to bringing information about Japanese animation, society, and traditional and popular culture to fans everywhere.

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Kuniko Kanawa

Kuniko Kanawa is a certified Kimono consultant, Kimono model, Edo Tsumami Kanzashi artisan, and also a founder of Washington D.C. Kimono Club.   In 2007, Kuniko officially became a certified Kimono consultant of All Japan Kimono Consultant Association after graduating from Sodo Reihou Kimono College. This certificate is approved by the Ministry Of Education/Science and Economy/Industry. Since then, she has been offering the Kimono dressing service, teaching Kimono classes/workshops, and producing Kimono shows/dressing demonstration and so on. She also works as a Kimono model, treasuring six years of classical Japanese dance training under Hanayagi style by great instruction of Hanayagi Wakana sensei.   In the same year, she became a professional Edo Tsumami Kanzashi artisan through intensive training by a designated master Kazuyo Hozumi, the one of only few designated Edo Tsumami Kanzashi artisans in Japan. As a successor to preserve this disappearing traditional handicraft, she creates both traditional and modern designed Tsumami Kanzashi, including custom orders. Her beautiful creations can be purchased online at http://atelierkanawa.com. She occasionally participates craft shows. She currently offers beginner's workshops at Japan-America Society of Washington D.C.   In early 2013, she founded Washington D.C. Kimono Club. The Club welcomes anybody who loves Kimono and Japanese seasonal cultural events. Members can participate in Japanese seasonal cultural events in Kimono, attend Washington D.C. Kimono Club workshop at discounted price, participate in Kimono shows/dressing demonstrations as a model, and participate in Ms. Mrs. Mr. Kimono of the year contest. For more information abut the club, please visit http://www.atelierkanawa.com/#!wdc-kimono-club