Katsucon19 has ended

Welcome to the schedule for Katsucon 19 in 2013!

Katsucon is an annual 3-day fan convention held in the D.C. metro area for multicultural enthusiasts and entertainment. Katsucon is produced by Katsucon Entertainment, Inc. (KEI), a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization dedicated to bringing information about Japanese animation, society, and traditional and popular culture to fans everywhere.

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Harknell is the quieter half of the Onezumi Studios team. He prevents Oni Hartstein from punching anyone in the face and many other things. He is best known for his production work on Oni’s Lovecraftian Webcomic @ Onezumi.com and her awesome quirky, spooky lifestyle blog @Onezumiverse.com. He also supports the creative community through his WordPress plugin development @Awsom.org.

As co-founder of Intervention, the hybrid geek festival and DIY conference, he has been able to inspire countless people to take charge of their future through technology. Harknell’s clients include universities, individuals, and places like Erfworld.com. He lives in New Jersey with Oni and way too many computers. He goes to a lot of haunted houses.
Quirky Haunted Houses and Stuff Blog: OnezumiVerse
Lovecraftian Comic: Onezumi.com
Geek Convention Insanity: Intervention
WordPress Plugins: AWSOM.org